What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

As a busy business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate. And you have the strategy to go along with it. What you don’t have? The hours to do it all. Fear not! The right Virtual Assistant can help you maximize your impact by implementing your strategy and tackling all the boring but necessary stuff. Here’s what else a Virtual Assistant can do for you and your business:

all the ways a virtual assistant can help your small business

Help You Stay on Track and on Task

Knowing you have a Virtual Assistant means that, while you’re not responsible for someone’s livelihood necessarily, you have someone to share the work load with. And if you have someone to delegate to and someone to share the work with you have someone to answer to. Even if you thrive off of working alone, everyone can benefit from having someone keep them accountable. If you pre-pay for a certain amount of hours but don’t provide enough workload, a VA will reach out to you asking for projects, forcing you to stay on track and on task.

Force You to Streamline Your Processes

The moment you start delegating, you’ll realize you need to have detailed instructions on how to do all the millions of things you do. Each task usually has a sub set of tasks, and the lists can go on and on. Having a Virtual Assistant requires you to take all the knowledge you’ve been keeping in your head and write it down. It might be annoying the first time you do it, but when you finally do write down all your processes you’ll discover one of three things:

  1. That your systems are awesome and organized. Pat yourself on the back!
  2. That your systems are outdated or not effective and could be more time efficient.
  3. That you DON’T have systems and need to get some, asap!

No matter what you discover before you start delegating, you’ll immediately start to get organized. Some people fall into the whole “By the time I write it all down I could have done it myself!” – don’t be the person who falls for that! If you write it down ONCE it will take some time, sure, but think of the HOURS you’ll save yourself in the long run.

Handle All Your Administrative Work

You started a business to do what you love – but unfortunately doing what you love always requires organizational tasks or basic administrative work that isn’t super fun. A virtual assistant can tackle all of that for you. Think about all the time you’ve wasted cue-ing up your facebook, twitter, or instagram posts. Think about all the time you’ve wasted creating pinterest graphics in Canva or photoshop. Think about all the time you’l spent recording payments or sending out email reminders to clients. Think about all the time you have spent promoting yourself instead of doing the actual fun work that you love!

Save You Money

None of this administrative work is by any means a waste of time, but it is a waste of YOUR time if it is way below your pay grade! Let’s say you make $90/hour off of client projects. Now think about it: you wouldn’t pay someone $90/hour to do social media posting. So why on earth would you be doing these things yourself if your billable hours are $90 each? Having a Virtual Assistant handle this stuff for you brings you peace of mind and frees up your time to do more of what makes you money.

Help With Your Marketing

A Virtual Assistant can take your complex marketing plan and put the strategy in place. If you worked really hard to define marketing goals and are overwhelmed by the amount of steps it takes to meet them, a good Virtual Assistant will be able to take all of that off your plate so you can concentrate on the client work that makes your business successful. Instagram pictures? Scheduled. Facebook promotion? Handled.

It is usually best to expect a Virtual Assistant to take your strategies and put them into play. Don’t expect all VAs to be able to make a marketing plan for you.

Handle All Your Busy Work

Sometimes it’s little things: reminding clients of payments, adding in additional payment structures, adding in color coded items to your calendars and spreadsheets, etc. These are systems we wouldn’t be able to live without, but at the end of the day these small tasks eat up so much of our time. As a business owner who likely dabbles in a lot of creative work, sometimes these things just not a good use of your time. If you are feeling super productive, wouldn’t you rather do the real work that generates real money? These other things are necessary to the function of your business, but if they’re simple enough to teach someone else you really should.


It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? A Virtual Assistant can change your business, up your productivity, and allow you to increase your profits. Want to learn more? Let’s chat. Thinking of starting a small business? Read this. Thinking about an Online Business Manager, instead? Here’s how to find a good one.

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