FREE! Monthly Planner: Undated


  • Free printable for automatic download!
  • Monday through Sunday view
  • Undated calendar
  • Three sections to help you track, organize and plan: monthly goals, notes, and “focus on…”


A free undated monthly planner to track important dates, monthly goals, and notes!

How to use it

There are a million ways to personalize this printable, and truly it can help you track anything you want it to:

  • Wedding planning
  • Bill tracking
  • Fitness planning
  • Project based (ideal for students!)

Download and print! Write in the actual calendar dates (and don’t forget to add upcoming holidays). Then personalize it: add all your upcoming appointments and project due dates, then pencil in reminders so you are able to stay on target.

Where to use it

  • on the wall in front of your desk
  • in the front of your binders (ideal for students! print one for each subject)
  • where you’ll see it first thing in the morning
  • where you’ll see it before you leave the house each day

When to use it

I personally like checking in on my monthly progress once a week. If you do it once a day it can feel very overwhelming. Once a week, either at the end or in the beginning, is perfect for keeping you focused without increasing your overwhelm.


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