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Get It Done Day Planner


Discontinued! But check out my updated daily planner here…. also free!

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Product Description

I say this knowing it sounds completely ridiculous: Lists are my entire life. But regular notebooks can get boring, and don’t necessarily inspire or even keep you on track.

The GET IT DONE printable is the answer to keeping you on track while still being able to use your favorite notebook.

Cut each page in half and glue it on the left side of a spiral bound notebook. I prefer leaving the right side of the notebook blank for note taking throughout the day. This is perfect if you already have a gorgeous notebook but need something to provide more guidance.


  • Undated for 2015
  • Top 3 Must Do Tasks
  • Work To Do List
  • Personal To Do List

Bonus Features:

  • Sections for Breakfast, Lunch, and Fitness
  • Water Tracker

In order to download this product please be sure to open the download link from a desktop computer. Thanks!