FREE! Daily Planner: Undated


  • Free printable for automatic download!
  • Daily planner: undated + free!
  • Includes six different labeled sections: today’s affirmation, personal to do, appointments, notes, most important tasks, to do
  • Full size – perfect for your favorite large notebook or for putting on your clipboard to guide you through the day



A free undated daily planner to track your task lists, personal To Do lists, appointments, and notes!

How to use it

Keep yourself on track and get through the day with this all in one printable: everything you need, from work to personal items, all on one page. Six pre-labeled sections to help you to kick the day’s butt:

  • Today’s Affirmation
  • Personal To Do
  • Appointments
  • Notes

Plus the traditional To Do List tracking:

  • Three most important tasks
  • To Do

Download and print!

Where to use it

  • In your favorite full size notebook: glue it down on the left side, use the right side to take your notes for the day (meetings, other lists that need to be made, tracking phone calls, etc)
  • On a clipboard on your desk: keep it next to you so you can stay on task throughout the day! Distractions be gone.
  • Or … wherever you’ll use it! Don’t just tuck it into your binder or purse. Use it!

When to use it

Every day – preferably the night before you leave the office or your desk. Write down everything you know you need to do tomorrow. Review it in the morning and hit the ground running.


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