Why Online Business Owners Should Outsource, Not Hire

As a Creative Entrepreneur, you’re scaling up and need someone who can grow alongside you. The natural inclination is to hire someone on your staff – whether an intern, or someone part time or full time, you just know you want someone on your team to help you out. It feels like a natural next step, and a lot of us are natural born leaders, so we are eager for someone to lead. But here’s why you should really be outsourcing to a professional instead of hiring.



Less Time Training, More Time Doing

If you have things that need to get done, don’t just make a full time or even part time job out of it. Hiring someone with experience who requires little on-boarding and can get the job done will save you headaches and allow you to find more time concentrating on the true meat of your business. A contractor already knows the basics and can get moving on projects right away.

Entrepreneurs Attract Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for a “mini me” as a small business owner, the truth is that you’ll be looking for someone just as ambitious as you. And if you’re the kind of small business owner who left your full-time job “working for this man” because you didn’t want to have the restraints of a traditional 9-5, you have to face the facts: This person you hire probably doesn’t want to be working for someone else, either. This person probably has an eventual goal of being their own boss. So this person will learn from you and certainly, you might develop an amazing relationship, but at the end of the day, this person might leave you and take a lot of what you taught him/her and start their own business. After all, entrepreneurs attract entrepreneurs.

It Saves Time and Money

Looking at the hourly rate for an intern or someone with less experience can be attractive, but then you’ll be spending valuable time teaching your new employee the basics. Think of how much you charge a client for an hourly project. Is that the amount of money you want to be spending to on-board someone, in addition to paying their hourly rates? You’ll have to double check their work for the first couple of weeks, and if you make the mistake of hiring someone that is incredibly under-qualified you’ll have to figure out a way to show them this isn’t working. And that is a HUGE waste of time.

A contractor with their own Virtual Assistant or Online Business Management company requires less hand-holding and can show you an ROI after just the first month.

You Gain Insights and Perspective

When you hire someone who does not have a lot of experience, you hire someone who has no ideas or insights in how your company can do better. Sure, you’d be able to “mold” someone to do things exactly the way you do them. But you lose the possibility of collaboration and obtaining an experienced perspective if you surround yourself with “yes” men. A contractor is not scared to lose his or her “job” because your contract is not their sole livelihood – this person is more likely to speak up when there are issues within your business that need to get solved. And because you’re not their only client, you gain their valuable insight – if there is another platform or system working with another client, they are likely to pitch it to you and bring you solutions before a fire gets too big.

You Don’t Have To Be a Boss

While you’ll certainly be setting the standards and the culture of what it is like to work with you, you don’t have to actually be a boss when you add a contractor to your team. When you’re running a business you have a LOT on your plate, and sometimes being a great boss is not a high priority. You have goals to meet and you have projects to finish. It is perfectly understandable, and when you are under a lot of pressure it can be difficult to maintain a true sense of self awareness. Hiring employees only to accidentally make them miserable just leads to more turnover and more wasted time. Hiring contractors means you can just set the expectations, and if they aren’t met you can move on with ease.

You’ll Be More Motivated To Stay On Task

You can’t just give a contractor team a bunch of busy work the way you could an employee. Contractors tend to have contracts that detail the scope of work being done, so if it is not their specialty it means they don’t do it. This means you have to do the prep work so your contractors have stuff to do. Assigning projects in a timely manner actually makes you and your entire business more planned out, meaning you’ll get all your processes together. And who doesn’t want a more organized business?



It is very tempting to want to hire someone you can train and “mold” to your standards. But at the end of the day, if you’re not a corporation you can’t afford any lost time or money. An Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant Team of contractors can make your life easier within the first month. Want to know more? Let’s chat.

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