My Favorite Resources for Getting It Together

When I decided I wanted guidance, focus, and direction in my life I really did not know where to begin. I looked all over for resources, but ultimately I had such a difficult time finding the right kind of inspiration. I put together this guide to really help eliminate the guess work that comes with trying to find things that can inspire and resonate with you.


“Magic Lessons” Season 1, Episode 12: Bene Brown on “Big Strong Magic”

“The Lively Show” #95: The 2 Biggest Things That Can Make Or Break Our Careers with Jon Acuff

“The Lively Show” #26: Intuition, Failure, & Authenticity with Whitney English

“The Lively Show” #40: Marriage & Taking Risks with Lara Casey


“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert*

This is my all-time favorite nonfiction book. This book gave me permission to want to be a creative, free thinking soul. It allowed me to understand so many different layers of myself: ones that have been hidden away by the “j-o-b over a-r-t” culture we live in.

“The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life” by Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander*

A little bit self-help, a little bit autobiography, this book is great for naturally cynical people who want to open their eyes, their hearts, and their minds but need a little shove. I am naturally self-deprecating and negative, so it was really interesting to read about how I can become more open minded without totally losing my edge.

“The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul” by Danielle LaPorte*

Danielle has a different outlook on goal planning, one that really has changed the way I think about my everyday life. I’m all about feelings (and it really grinds my gears when people try and tell me to “get over” them or let them go before I’m ready), so the basis of this book resonates with me deeply.


The Day Designer by Whitney English (read my review here)*

This is my go to daily planner for all things work. I love getting rid of note pads and having all my lists in one place, where it is easy to look back on previous days and confirm what you did and didn’t accomplish. It has been my tried and true planner for the past 3 years, and I really can’t imagine working without it!

The Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas (read my review here)*

I love my Happy Planner, but I don’t use it as an actual planner. I use this as more of a creative journal. I love being about to brainstorm first, then organize later. The arc system is my favorite thing in this world! I buy the note page extension packs and really don’t keep the dated portion since I have my Day Designer.

“Forced” Journaling

The Simplified Journal by Emily Ley (read my review here)

Sometimes I’m too “in my head” and need some clarity. The Simplified Journal is my favorite way to guide me through my thought process without too much critical thinking. It allows me to say what I need to say without over complicating.

Goal Planning

The PowerSheets by Lara Casey (read my review here)*

Lara Casey just GETS ME. This goal planning is the most in depth I’ve ever done – almost in a heart wrenching way. Sometimes when I am doing the “prep work” to get to know myself a little better, it is a little heart breaking to read. Who knew I had so many fears? But the way this is laid out is to help you really get over those fears: acknowledge them, accept them, and find a way to transform yourself. Love.

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When I really decided to stop coasting and start transforming my outlook on life, I genuinely did not know where to turn. I hope these resources help you find your path if you’re a little bit lost, or help you stay the course if you already know where you are going.


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