Free Printable: Monthly Undated Planner

Reminder: if you’re “coasting” you are probably going downhill.

You don’t have to plan every single day in your life, but you really should at the very least have monthly goals to keep you on track. Things come up, obviously, but having a broad overview of the month and knowing what you need to accomplish (big or small!) is something every successful person does.

The best way to keep track? Write it down!

So here’s a little gift from me to you – Get a head start on all your months with this FREE printable undated monthly planner. Track your goals, refine your focus, and pencil in your important dates.

How to use it

There are a million ways to personalize this printable, and truly it can help you track anything you want it to:

  • Wedding planning
  • Bill tracking
  • Fitness planning
  • Project based (ideal for students!)

Download and print! Write in the actual calendar dates (and don’t forget to add upcoming holidays). Then personalize it: add all your upcoming appointments and project due dates, then pencil in reminders so you are able to stay on target.

Where to use it

  • on the wall in front of your desk
  • in the front of your binders (ideal for students! print one for each subject)
  • where you’ll see it first thing in the morning
  • where you’ll see it before you leave the house each day

When to use it

I personally like checking in on my monthly progress once a week. If you do it once a day it can feel very overwhelming. Once a week, either at the end or in the beginning, is perfect for keeping you focused without increasing your overwhelm.

It really is great to have a “home base” in terms of a monthly planner – especially because often times our planners are opened to the daily or weekly spread. When you look at how little time 30/31 days is, it can light a fire under your butt.

OKAY, are you ready to grab yours? Here it is –>

Click here to download!

Happy planning!

About the Author: Meet Larisa


Larisa is small business operations specialist, creative coach, organizational guru, and virtual assistant. Throughout her career she has worked in multiple industries including hospitality, fitness, health + wellness, fashion, entertainment, real estate, and law. Her work at international fashion brands and multiple start-ups and small businesses in the Bay Area and New York City has given her a unique perspective on organization, creativity, and how they go hand in hand. Throughout the course of her non traditional career path she has helped launch dozens of ideas into profitable businesses. The smallbusinessbestie blog is here to help you get organized and inspire you to get your ideas off the ground.

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