Aligning Your Schedule With Your Goals

Lots to talk about, but mainly: Happy New Year! You probably have a killer dream in place – maybe one or two goals in mind. I was talking with a friend recently who said she was looking for a 9-5 job. But then I asked her what her goals were for this year. They were to travel and to have job flexibility. Well – those two things don’t really fit into working a regular corporate job. So why was she trying to do that when her ultimate goals for 2018 were totally opposite?

A lot of us get stuck in the “when I grow up” phase – I’ll do that when I grow up! It’d be nice to do that someday, or go there someday. As we get older we realize that “someday” is going to come and go. If you want it to happen, you need to make a game plan.

So let’s get serious about SCHEDULES and ROUTINES to help you achieve more!

I am open about how much I love my powersheets. But I found I needed a place to write down my major goals and hang them up, in addition to my tending list. Having them right in front of me reminds me that in my day to day life, I need to make sure every decision I make gets me one step closer to one of my goals.

Daily habits become the pattern of your life, and if you are not taking baby steps daily or weekly to get you to your ultimate goals, then you will end up living every day for someday. The best way to succeed is to come up with a plan.

Make sure your goals are truly connected to your heart.

If your goals are just based off of what you think you need to write down, then you won’t’ put any honest effort into them. I make sure my goals are connected to my heart with my powersheets. For example: fitness is not super close to my heart right now. I don’t want it. One day it will be, and I’ll want to return back to workout classes and dieting. But for now, losing baby weight does not truly bring me closer to what I really want. And if I don’t want it, I’m not going to stick to it.

Check your routines and your schedule.

Are you making time to do what you love? To do what will bring you closer to your goal? Some of your month includes the need to dos. Getting the oil changed, heading to a doctor’s appointment – none of those are super fun or lead to a long-term goal, but they are necessary to keep you on the right track (and to keep you safe!). Write those down on your calendar.

But then look at your goals – are you going to schedule something at least once a month that helps you reach that goal? If not, get to schedule! Some examples below:

Goal: To spend more time with my daughter
Missing from my calendar: Scheduling special time together!
Scheduled: Mommy daughter music classes

Goal: To book a new client
Missing from my calendar: Scheduling time to go to networking events, or be on job boards in general to closely manage client acquisition 
Scheduled: Two mommy + baby networking events, plus weekly job board browsing

Goal: Have a coffee date with a new friend
Missing from my calendar: The coffee date with a new friend!
Scheduled: Made time to introduce myself to acquaintances on Instagram, let them know I’d love to get to know them more either over Skype or in person.

Get the right tools.

I’ll always love the Powersheets * (can you tell?!), but I also wanted to make something that helped me stay on track. I wanted to see what my calendar looked like in a traditional sense, while still not losing sight of my goals.

My free 2018 month planner is dated and comes with a traditional monthly spread, plus room for your goals and room for encouraging words. It’s totally free – just sign up to grab yours!


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